View Full Version : no spire updates!!!

w. ebentreich
12-14-2006, 07:19 PM
hi everybody,

late november we got following information from xerox:

Hi Matthias,
This log has been declined because the CXP6000 does not support Adobe Acrobat 7 libraries. This is unlikely to be supported in the future as no new releases of CXP6000 software are planned.

The workaround stands; that is, print from Acrobat

Product Support Consultant

our comment and questions:

several bugs are nor fixed!!!
they told us that probably is also no update to rip recent pdf files?
we use the spire rip with xerox 6060.
is there anybody with simelar experience?
is this a xerox / kodak thing we got into?

kind regards

w. ebentreich

tripple aaa

berlin / germany