View Full Version : Digital Color Servers - Spire?

02-03-2006, 06:50 AM
I am presuming that this forum is for the Spire range of servers which are rips for (in our case) the xerox range.

My question would be why isn't there more functionality shared with Prinergy?

I have had to setup printers on the Prinergy server which queue to printers on the Spire rip - it seems like a long way around to me.

It works - don't get me wrong - but i would like a lot more functionality built in which could transfer to the rip - ie Variable data, amount of copies, etc - digital printer type of functionality rather than just plain print this file once functions.

There is reference in Prinergy to Xerox freeflow (? i think thats what it is called) but where are the references to spire?

I would think buying another Creo (kodak) product would increase functionality.

Am i missing something?

Dennis Wyers.