View Full Version : GHP Job Opening - Night Shift Manager (West Haven, CT)

Bill Hahn
02-02-2007, 04:32 PM
Night Shift Manager

GHP, a large commercial printer in southern Connecticut, is seeking applicants for the night shift manager position. This opening is full-time on the 2nd shift with overtime.

Job Description

Job Summary: The night shift manager is responsible for managing workflow in the plant during the evening hours. The position requires daily meetings with all department managers, project managers and the scheduler to establish priority and goals for the shift. The night shift manager will be the main contact for customers and sales reps during those hours. The night shift manager will communicate shift notes with appropriate managers for the next day. The Night shift manager will report to the VP Manufacturing. This person is also responsible for preflighting digital files and creating electronic press layouts for the prepress department.

Responsibilities and Duties:
General and Administrative

* Meet with Department and Project managers
* Pick up jobs from project managers and get them into production
* Answer phones at night
* Coordinate customer okays
* Provide support to manufacturing departments
* Coordinate with the department managers and the Sales person to produce and prioritize jobs, and when necessary reorganize to meet deadline changes and updates.
* Participate as a key player in the company by supporting operations as needed.
* Communicate effectively with the VP Manufacturing/Owner, the Sales Team and the Production Team, informing and updating them regularly to guarantee that company objectives and customer objectives are met.
* Follow systems and procedures outlined in the company manuals.
* Plan and create electronic press layouts for the Prepress Department.
* Preflight supplied digital files.

Please feel free to send me your resume if you are interested.