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04-12-2007, 09:21 PM
Is it just me? Everything I've ever been taught and with over 20 years in the graphics/printing business: aren't fold marks supposed to be indicated by a dashed line? Yet, in Preps the default in a solid line. Isn't a solid line used for crop (trim) marks?

We've been indicating folds in our forms using a Preps static mark and creating a dashed line .25" long and manually placing these on the forms by the numbers.

We'd really like to be able to use the new smart fold marks feature, but again these are non-dashed lines. So, is there anyway a user can change the default smart fold lines to dashed lines?

And while I'm here, I thing a nice feature to add would be when an operator uses the "Add Crop Mark" feature:

1) add a keyboard command

2) there should be two buttons: "All On" and "All Off"

3) and the ability to toggle between different types of lines: solid or dashed

I was looking for a solution to my problem and found this old thread. (See quote above). There is a way to make smart lines with a dashed pattern, but they render very badly, if you ask for a quarter inch long dashed line, you'll get two solid lines seperated by a long gap, the dotted style is even worse, I get only a slightly shorter SOLID line over a quarter inch length. Was Kodak/Creo/ScenicSoft had in mind ? Have they ever tested this feature ?

I am trying to figure out how to migrate from our beloved SignaStation (from Heidelberg) to Preps and/or UpFront. I need dashed lines for fold marks and I wish the "show fold marks in gutter" feature had a decent dashed line pattern to offer but I had to write my own hand coded postscript mark to get nice dashed lines, they render perfect at high res but (unfortunately) has no preview when building templates. To get where I want, I can make a set of smart custom marks using my hand coded mark as the image file, but it's like reinventing the wheel. Preps has really nice things but is also short on several others. I think it's about time that Kodak revamp this old Mac OS 6 like UI, no floating pallette, moslty modal dialogs that requires to click and OK button before to do anything else, just like old Quark 3 UI.

I'm not sure if I'll get what I need from Kodak but here is what I'd like to have:
- have the same line style choice for fold marks than for line marks
- have a choice of dashed line patterns offered GRAPHICALLY to the user in the UI that will also render adequately at high res.
- be able to delete individual marks of ANY smart mark, not only for the smart crop marks.
- be able to center image on media horizontaly ONLY, now it's on both axis or nothing. Center Bottom would be a nice second choice for any PPD/device.

See the attached example of what I get from my code compared to the ScenicSoft default dashed pattern.

Thanks for reading.

PS: Is there a way to be logged into this forum for more than 3 minutes ? i have to copy paste my reply each time !

04-12-2007, 09:24 PM
Sorry forgot attachment,
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