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04-18-2007, 03:46 AM
So I has anyone noticed an issue with shingling? When in the saddle stitch binding style and pages are in increments of 4, such as 64, 84, 96 pages or so on, that a positive number moves the image toward the binding as described in the Preps User Guide. But if you are in the saddle stitch binding style and the pages are not in increments of 4, such as 62, 82, 94 pages, such as when you have a one sided cover, that a positive number actually moves the image away the binding. Instead to get the desired shingling that you have to put in a negative number to move the pages toward the binding.

I believe this has to do with the saddle stitch binding style and that everything works in 4 page increments. Can anyone confirm this or better explain this?

04-18-2007, 01:56 PM
You would expect that you would be able to tell Preps to move a page towards the gutter. However, Preps has no concept of a gutter that you can move a page towards. It determines which way to move a page based on its sequence and whether it is even or odd. Odd pages are shifted left and even pages are shifted right. If you don't have an inside cover, Preps thinks that page 1 of the text is really cover 2, an even page so it shifts it to the right, but since it is really a left hand, odd page it moves the wrong way.

By definition, saddle stiched books have to have a multiple of 4 pages or they wouldn't be bindable. If you have a one sided cover, the pages that are cover 2 and 3 still physically exist, they are just blank. You should set up your covers with 4 pages and just don't assign any content to them in the run list. That way they will still be part of the numbering sequence and the creep will work correctly.

If you need to have your covers laid out as one side only, there is another way to do it. You would make a one side only, 2 page template for the cover, and a 2 sided template for the text. Then put the text and cover in seperate job files. You can put no creep in the cover job and the correct creep in the text job. Not creeping the cover isn't going to make that much difference in the creep amount.

Eric Biggins
04-18-2007, 03:42 PM

If you have a one sided cover form, your creep/shingling will definitely go the wrong direction. Like you said, putting in a negative number will reverse the direction of the pages. In addition to moving the pages the correct direction, the negative number will also move the pages the correct amount and you will be fine. I've used this method a lot and have never had any problems.

Like Jamie said, you still have covers 2 and 3 they are just blank, so you can create a 2-sided cover form and just not have anything assigned to those inside page positions. This is technically the correct way to do it. However by putting in the negative number should work just as well and then you can impose the cover form (I'm guesssing) the way your planning department planned it, as 1-side.


04-19-2007, 03:38 AM
Thanks guys, that is what I thought, just clarifying for my boss. I'm fine just using the negative number, though I'd thought as well about building one sided covers as 2 sided and leaving them blank, but the reapeatedly explaining to our platemakers why they have blank back sides one one sided forms would drive me nuts.

Hey Jamie, I'll soon be a fellow Cenveo employee. I will be starting at the Cenveo Nashville Digital Print Plant in May.