View Full Version : Feature Request - Integrated Job Collector

06-03-2007, 01:22 PM
The PREPs job collector is a simple little app that is very useful for "packaging" preps jobs into one folder. Here's 2 improvements that I'd like to see in the next build of PREPS.

1. Integrate the app into PREPS.
Is there a reason why this app is stand-alone? Why not just a menu command within PREPS.
(See attached jpeg - "Collect Menu Option.jpg")

2. Include the option to only collect the PREPS app files (templates / marks / etc).
I already have a job folder that has the input files and a .job imposition file, I don't need to collect these again. What I DO need is the template / marks / dupmarks / smartmarks / etc.basically any file used in the job that resides (is buried) in the PREPS application folder. This would be a simple way to add the PREPS files I need to an existing job folder.
(See attached jpeg - "PREPS job collect.jpg")