View Full Version : message~"can't save .psi file"~

06-23-2007, 12:19 PM
getting this message. Am at home posting this, so wording won't be exact. Also says..."PostScript files will be deleted on completion, do you want to still proceed with job?"...or words to that effect. What might be the main reasons for this? Some sort of Prefs files to be dumped?
On 10.3.9. AcroPro6. PREPS 5.2.1.
Also, with PDF In>PDF Out, what field do I put the customer Job ID in? Sounds dumb, but it doesn't seem to be working in the appropriate Notes field. Am getting "$jobname.." or similar. Wanting to get more familiar with PDF In & Out. We're set up for Mixed Input, but want to go all PDF when I can. So quick, and doesn't drop fonts, like happened with a Mixed Input job yesterday! nasty. Redid it with all PDF and font stayed~natch!...Also can't get page Nos. to print outside the bleed, like we can with our current setup. This was set up by a previous guy, within the Notes Box/fields. Am having to PitStop them in on the imposed PDF. Bit tedious.
Thanks for any feedback on these, but the error message is the big worry.

06-24-2007, 04:15 AM
Had another look at this subsequently. Watched folder produced a PDF, but without a PostScript file. PDF was missing a font, [dropped, not substituted]. Maybe that's why the .psi warning came up...wasn't able to output a valid PS file. Font was a TrueType, showing as embedded OK in orig PDF file for input.
Any insights on this would be welcome.