View Full Version : GUA 2007 presentations online

06-26-2007, 07:45 PM
The GUA 2007 presentations are showing up online. Some are missing and I think it will become more complete over time, but check out the mygua.org site for the links...- tc

07-26-2007, 01:47 AM
Thanks Tom, just looked but there is nothing there, could you post me the link? mygua.org directs me to the e-central site and the 2006 Phoenix conference, wrong date and no presentations.
best regards, Henk

07-27-2007, 01:36 PM
Sorry everyone,

here is the direct link. (https://ecentral.creo.com/cua/events/north_america_conference.asp) Make sure your browser cache is empty or yo umay see last years presentations as they are in the same spot..not sure why they did that, but oh well. - tc