View Full Version : PS/M 8.1 PMS ink opacity incorrect

08-02-2007, 01:30 PM
I've noticed since I upgraded to PS/M 8.1 (from 7, which did not exhibit this problem) that when I RIP any InDesign PostScript files that contain spot colors, the Opacity setting for the spot colors is frequently wrong. I am referring to the Opacity setting that it uses to determine frames, not a transparency setting.

When I go under Specific Info to set up the spot colors, the Opacity of the spots are very high, like 1.5 or more and should be well below 1.00. I can change them there, but it gets old real fast to do that on job after job when I never had to do it on the old version.

Also, on some PDF jobs I've noticed that the PS/M will have the incorrect color build for some spot colors. I can fix it by saving the Color Table, then opening the Color Table and editing the build, then using that edited color table.

Anyone else noticed these issues? I don't expect a solution because they are not continuing to update this RIP software, but I'm just curious if others have the same problem. My Brisque 4 does not exhibit these issues, nor did my previous version PS/M 7. This is very frustrating because I believe that upgrades should work better and more reliably than their previous versions.

08-09-2007, 03:42 PM
There is an update available that fixes the problem. Thanks to P. Barak for contacting me off forum and helping to resolve the issue. He posted the update under another topic: