View Full Version : Side guide mark showing in work

09-28-2007, 03:43 PM
I have what appears to be a bug.

Running Preps Pro 5.3 on Intel Mac. Have a job set up with the following press sheets, perfect bound templates.

#1 25x38 with 2-16 pg sigs on same press sheet
#2 19x25 with 1-8 pg sig W&T
#3-5 same as #1

Problem is, I am getting a stray side guide mark showing up on the back side of the #1 press sheet that is in the middle of one of the pages. This errant mark shows in no other place on any other signature.

I have found that it related to the #2 sig, if I remove it or turn off side guide marks on it, the errant mark does not show up.

How can something from sig #2 be printing on sig #1?