View Full Version : FAF "don't frame" list - PS/M 8 or Brisque 4

10-09-2007, 12:45 PM
(This is for PS/M 8 users, but anyone with a Brisque can chime in, too, because it does the same thing)

I recently upgraded my rip from PS/M 7 to 8.1. I rarely allow the RIP to automatically do my trapping - instead, I prefer to rip the job, then open it in PressTouch and make my trapping decisions and frame it there. Since the upgrade, whenever I open my Decisions to look at how it is going to trap the file, I get a bunch of colors in the Constraints tab that all say "Don't Frame" - anywhere from 1 color to a list of a dozen or more. Some of the colors in this list are just Registration, which is fine, but other times it lists colors that I do need to trap, so with every job I have to delete the list before I let it make the decisions. No big deal, except that on the few occasions where I actually want to just let it trap automatically (like when it is only LW in the job), it doesn't trap some color pairs that obviously need it.

I never had this happen in 7, so obviously there is something different here. As far as I can tell, all my rip settings are the same as before unless I'm missing something. All FAF settings are identical (I don't think it is an FAF setting issue anyway because I can rip the same file on PS/M 7, 8.1, and Brisque 4 and 7 does not protect these colors) I've experimented with all the RIP settings and haven't gotten anywhere.

So how do I get my RIP to not protect these colors?

10-09-2007, 12:51 PM
Never mind - I think I figured it out. I believe it was the "Allow Trapping" checkbox for Black Lineart under the Overprint button.