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12-09-2007, 03:38 PM
We use Rampage fpos in Preps, then Print to eps.
When making corrections on single pages in Rampage, a new fpo will be updated when re-opening the Preps file. If we have lots of new pages in a 48 page book, we would like Preps to list out a map of each Signature with its corresponding page. That way, instead of re-printing all the forms, we could just look up those changed pages in a list (example below) and just print out the ones that changed. i.e. (Form 1A, 2B, 3A)

Example of Mapping list:

Signature 01Side A contains:
xxxx 01.fpo.eps
xxxx 05.fpo.eps
xxxx 48.fpo.eps
xxxx 44.fpo.eps
Signature 01 Side B contains:
xxxx 02.fpo.eps
xxxx 06.fpo.eps
xxxx 46.fpo.eps
xxxx 42.fpo.eps
Signature 02Side A contains:
xxxx 10.fpo.eps
xxxx 12.fpo.eps
xxxx 32.fpo.eps
xxxx 36.fpo.eps
Signature 02 Side B contains:
xxxx 11.fpo.eps
xxxx 13.fpo.eps
xxxx 33.fpo.eps
xxxx 37.fpo.eps

I am trying to write an applescript to have the Finder read the Signature eps files, but reading those eps files take awhile. I would rather run the script from Preps, because the Preps file is already open and the data would be more accesible than dragging all the Preps eps's onto a Finder droplet and reading all those eps files.

Anybody know how to access the Signatures and what fpos/eps from the runlist are priniting on them from within Preps?

12-19-2007, 02:27 PM
I finished the applescript. The output is a great tool when updating a job where several pages change. We can now read the list and output from Preps, just the Signatures and side we need. Here's what the output looks like:


42586 Cover_1.eps
42586 Cover_2.eps
42586 Cover_3.eps
42586 Cover_4.eps


42586 Text_1.eps
42586 Text_4.eps
42586 Text_5.eps
42586 Text_8.eps
42586 Text_9.eps
42586 Text_12.eps
42586 Text_45.eps
42586 Text_48.eps
42586 Text_49.eps
42586 Text_52.eps
42586 Text_53.eps
42586 Text_56.eps


42586 Text_2.eps
42586 Text_3.eps
42586 Text_6.eps
42586 Text_7.eps
42586 Text_10.eps
42586 Text_11.eps
42586 Text_46.eps
42586 Text_47.eps
42586 Text_50.eps
42586 Text_51.eps
42586 Text_54.eps
42586 Text_55.eps


42586 Text_13.eps
42586 Text_16.eps
42586 Text_17.eps
42586 Text_20.eps
42586 Text_21.eps
42586 Text_24.eps
42586 Text_25.eps
42586 Text_28.eps
42586 Text_29.eps
42586 Text_32.eps
42586 Text_33.eps
42586 Text_36.eps
42586 Text_37.eps
42586 Text_40.eps
42586 Text_41.eps
42586 Text_44.eps


42586 Text_14.eps
42586 Text_15.eps
42586 Text_18.eps
42586 Text_19.eps
42586 Text_22.eps
42586 Text_23.eps
42586 Text_26.eps
42586 Text_27.eps
42586 Text_30.eps
42586 Text_31.eps
42586 Text_34.eps
42586 Text_35.eps
42586 Text_38.eps
42586 Text_39.eps
42586 Text_42.eps
42586 Text_43.eps

We use Rampage as our RIP, so I was going to get Applescript to read the Preps eps's and pull out the fpo names, but since the eps files are huge, I found that in Rampage's RIP data folder for each job there is a small 3-4 line txt file listing the fpos used for each Flat.

It takes around 3-6 seconds to make the list. The Applescript app was put in Preps Script folder, so while the preps job is opened, it reads the 1st five characters of the opened Preps job i.e. 44444 TXT.job, which is our job numbering system.

It then goes into the Rampage RSI folder, searches for that job number, digs into each folder that contains "Sg" and "Sd" in their names, and extracts the data from each text file. It then builds the list.

What's cool about it is that if a Preps job is in 2 or more separate parts, it will get every part into one list, since it's searching for the Job Number.

If you are using Rampage and want a copy to use, email me at (take out the DUMMY word): tlotzerDUMMY@usseryprinting.com. You'll need to be able to open the script up and adjust a few variables to point to YOUR Rampage Volume.