View Full Version : Issues with jobs with dozens of pages from UpFront

03-06-2008, 05:45 PM
We have had issues periodically with Preps jobs that have been exported from UpFront. Each of these jobs contains dozens of pages. With Preps 4 we sometimes couldn't open the exported job, but we could recreate it using the exported Preps templates. Other times maybe the Run List would be empty. We've had Preps 5 for a couple of months now and we're experiencing some of the same issues. Today we had a job with 132 pages and 9 sigs, but when the job is opened the Run List is empty and only 5 sigs are in the job.

I have exported the job again as multiple jobs, but I get a cover form which is good, but the remaining text has the same problem with the empty run list and missing sigs.

Is there a built-in limitation in Preps?