View Full Version : How to Uninstall Preps 5.3 on a G5

03-14-2008, 09:16 PM
Having an issue with the original install of preps 5.3 pro. Crashes when I try to use the Migration Utility, also crashes when I try to pull in a good pdf through mixed files.
I didn't install it originally and would like to uninstall it and try again.
Can anyone tell me the correct way to uninstall this.
I know with the CS3 package, they include an uninstaller-EASY. When I look for an uninstaller for preps 5.3, I don't find any. I do know it is not as simple as just throwing the 5.3 folder in my applications away.
Please help.
By the way, this is installed on a Mac G5 OS 10.4.1