View Full Version : imprinting variable B&W onto color offset shells using a digimaster

06-03-2008, 09:37 PM
We are running a Digimaster with B&W variable info on top of shells that are 4 color masters that were printed on our offset press.

We will let the preprinted uncoated masters dry for at least 3 days before imprinting on the digimaster. When we do the rollers get an ink build up that has to have a service tech come out and clean the machine. The toner will sometimes get contaminated & need to be cleaned out and replaced. We have tried several ink manufacturers that are "laser safe" but we end up with the same problem.

Is anyone else imprinting on preprinted offset sheets? What type of inks are you using? Are you coating with aqueous or varnish?

We also have an indigo and it isn't a problem for the indigo because the pieces that come in contact with the sheet (blanket/PIP/impression paper) are operator replaceable.

06-04-2008, 04:58 PM
We just finished a 18,000 run on our digimaster that was variable data on top of an offset job. There was no coating or varnish on this job. We make our offset ink laser proof by adding Pressmen's Helper to the ink. Contact victory Ink @ 800-933-0023 for the Pressmen's Helper. You mix 1oz per pound of ink.