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07-18-2008, 12:36 PM
When working with the Response Center, what does "Escalate Request" actually do? I have an open case where I wasn't exactly thrilled with the answer that the RC was giving me, so I escalated the case. The next day, I got the same guy from the RC with the same response. What I wanted was another opinion.

07-18-2008, 02:15 PM
Hmmm Most times when I ask for call escalation, I get an upper tier support rep. This does not happen always. Now getting an answer is much better then not getting one at all. I would ask for level 2 support if you feel your answer is not acceptable. I do it at least once a month. -tc

07-18-2008, 02:56 PM
Thanks Tom. Maybe my case was already being handled by a level 2 rep. They said there is nothing they could do about this error since the MonzaRip is an Adobe product, and it is still version 1:

E 09Jul08 11:48:28.019-CDT [3580.3536] HW09736 araxi PPrinterJTP MNZA_MonzaRip.cpp(505): Monza process has spontaneously shutdown
W 09Jul08 11:48:28.753-CDT [3580.3932] HW09736 araxi PPrinterJTP MNZA_MonzaRip.cpp(619): Caught comn exception:
code = 1618001
developer-speak message = 'Wait for response: Exception 205 Error 102, An error occured whilst waiting for a message on a connection (Connection error).'
source file = MNZA_JMFClient.cpp
line number = 822
localized message = '( code = 1618001 )'
E 09Jul08 11:48:29.722-CDT [3580.3932] HW09736 araxi PPrinterJTP MNZA_MonzaRip.cpp(875): Exception caught while trying to send cancel to rip

The problem is that this is a random occurence (the flat works again if resent without changing anything), and in an automated workflow this error cancels the flat output. The RC told me that they couldn't make Prinergy retry a flat automatically because if a bad file was submitted it would get stuck in an endless loop. I guess I feel like Prinergy should be able to trap a "Connection error" like this and try the flat again (at least once) instead of failing it.

07-18-2008, 06:38 PM
I'll use "Escalate Request" when I'm not getting a response to a case I've opened (like the PDFPE missing type issue - I opened a TAC case on Tuesday, and here it is on Friday and no engineer has yet grabbed it. Um, I'm thinking this fell through the cracks here somewhere...)

08-25-2008, 02:44 PM
I'm curious what if anything was found to be the cause of the MNZA_MonzaRip.cpp errors. I saw a bunch of them last night. I first assumed it was due to the operators not starting up the Primary/Secondary/Tertiary in the correct order (hardware and software). I haven't seen it again since last night after I rebooted so I am crossing my fingers. The operator had the same problem as reported above...he just resent the proof or refined it again and it worked the second time.