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10-06-2008, 09:30 PM
We need to print the following (digitally):
PRINT SHEET = A3 with 2 rows of 5 badges on it
FRONT = variable data (with the same background; = 1 PDF file; + 200 badges)
BACK = fixed data (1 identical page for the different fronts).
Is there an easy way of doing this in Preps (5.3.1)?
If so, any help welcome… I'm simply missing it ;-)

Many thanks in advance!
Kind regards, dirk

10-07-2008, 06:14 PM
FRONT = variable data (with the same background; = 1 PDF file; + 200 badges)

What software are you using? XMPie? FusionPro? Stripping variable data files manually using Preps sounds like it would be a nightmare. You would have so many plates for just 1 impression each... FusionPro has it's own imposition software that works quite well.
herbalaire (http://vaporizers.net/herbalaire-vaporizer)

10-07-2008, 07:41 PM
Hi Christian

Mostly our design is done in InDesign (CS3).
Simple (and easy) merging is sometimes done in INDD too.
Most of the time we use PrintShopMail (Objectiflune.com) to print/generate a PS file.
Unfortunately, we can't use all the time;especially when we need very precise positioning/typo or when we need to manually change/alter the merged data. Then we use INDD again to create either PDF's or printfiles.

Thanks for the FusionPro tip, I'll have a look at it!

Strange/silly there isn't an easy way of doing this in Preps, having a job with different pages on the front and one (fixed) page on the back…

Many thanks!
Kind regards, dirk

10-07-2008, 11:47 PM
If your badge pages can overlay the background without creating unwanted knockouts, you might be able to do this:

On the front of the template, make a page for the front background. number it 1
On the back of the template, make a page for the back, number it 2
( both these pages could be a large single page that has already stepped out art, or a collection of smaller pages, all stepped out in Preps. If they are multiple pages, number them all the same.)
Then, on the front, make another set of pages on top of the "background page/pages" Number these 3-12

Then, in the run list, add the front and back as pages 1 and 2. Then add the first 10 badges as pages 3-12. Repeat for all the sigs you need, adding the front and back as the first two files in each group.

Add the template as many times as you need.

Or, you could make a template with as many sigs as you need, and number each sig differently. The background pages would always be 1 and 2, but the badge pages would be 3-12 in the first sig and 13-22 in the second sig, etc.

You would use that template only once, because it would contain all the sigs.

Then you would only put the background pages in the run list once, at positions 1, and 2.

10-08-2008, 06:55 AM
Hi Jamie

Thanks for your suggestions.
We will try your second one, where we create as many signatures as needed for the entire run. This one looks the most interesting one: you only need to create this once and there almost no risk at making mistakes (so that we can easily re-use it over and over).

Thank you!
Kind regards, dirk