View Full Version : iVDP issues - 1.8 darwin 5.5.2 Insite

10-14-2008, 07:31 PM
Variable image illustrator eps file (cs suite v12).
I have like 20 of these images working fine with transparent background placed in InDesign as variable image data.
This ONE image will not drop to a transparent background when creating the iVDP file for print.
As for the old images that do work if I open them and save them they too get a white background not transparent.

All of the files working and non working were created in Illustrator 12.
The ones that work were created before our recent updates. The one that does not work is a new file from after the update.

So, i was wondering if this is related to my update to newer version or have any of you encountered this same issue?

much thanks in advance - grant