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12-11-2008, 04:11 PM
Any release news on this, and whether it will be compatible with Storefront right out of the gate? We're currently using the VI Authoring tool on the Windows side to create catalog items exclusively for Storefront clients.

I thought there was a Mac version of the Authoring tool, but can't seem to locate it anywhere.

12-29-2008, 06:29 PM
Nothing at all? Throw me a rope here! I suppose I could put a call into our OnSite Training person, thought I'd get some kind of info here though...

12-30-2008, 11:38 AM
We just had Storefront training and were given the impression that there will be no Mac version for the authoring tool. It also doesn't work with CS4 yet and guess what, we don't have a windows version of CS3. Basically, we're stuck.

12-30-2008, 11:55 AM
Darwin 2.0 should work with CS3 and iVDP.


Both Mac and PC versions are available.

I hate the mac version because of its usage of an ancient DB app and iVDP can't use Mac fonts (other than OpenType fonts).

If you use the Mac version, let me know and I'll dig up a script I wrote awhile back to start the DB before launching Darwin and on close of Darwin, stop the DB. Having the DB running in OS 10.5 all the time will eventually slow your computer to a halt.

12-30-2008, 02:12 PM
I'd be curious, I have installed Darwin 2.0 on the Mac here, but running 10.4.11 and when I start it - nothing happens. This is under CS3. Any suggestions would be great.

I just cannot believe they developed an application that is supposed to integrate tightly with a design community (our clients) and not have any real support for the Mac.

12-30-2008, 02:42 PM
Okay, I was pointed to this page for Ver3 (http://www.creopod.com/data/Products/Workflow%20Solutions/Darwin%20VI%20authoring%20tool/darwin3.aspx) which clearly states:

The new DARWIN Software version 3.0 is a scalable, cross-platform system, available in desktop and server class configurations, on Mac and PC. This allows you to find the configuration that currently fits your business volume, and grow with it.

So, does that mean in a general, sort of theoretical way it might some day be usable on a Mac platform, or are they just throwing it in there as a sales tool?

12-30-2008, 04:46 PM
In Theory, Yes. They will have a mac version of Darwin 3.0.

Someone from the Darwin team may want to correct me, but I believe they stated that the goal was to release the Mac and PC versions of Darwin 3 at roughly the same time?

I would suggest VMWare Fusion or Parallels in the mean time. Darwin 2 on the PC with CS3 works just fine for iVDP use.

Keep in mind, Darwin is wholly dependent on Indesign (and iVDP on Indesign Server) and with CS4 out now, it may be awhile before they get everything working right on the mac and pc with CS4.

I would hate to see a CS3 only version of Darwin this long after CS4 has been released.

Lets hope Darwin 3 is worth the wait.

12-30-2008, 05:42 PM
Oh, we have a PC here that's pretty much only used for Darwin prep. It's just the time involved in converting a Mac Design file for use with StoreFront that seems ridiculous to me.

Not to start a Mac vs. PC flamewar, but isn't this industry typically Mac-heavy? How could they even bring this to market and exclude the entire Mac platform essentially?

I actually stumbled across a nice preview of Darwin 3.0 on a VDP Blog, not sure if I can post the link openly but the guy has a great write-up & screenshots from Drupa.

12-31-2008, 12:54 AM
No idea why Darwin has had a heavy focus on PC and not on Mac.

Keep in mind Darwin dates back well before Apple was on its second legs. At that time when VDP composition tools were in their infancy, Apple was dying and some would say even dead. The Before Jobs era.

Xerox, which was the main distributor for Darwin, had tons of corporate customers and in plant accounts that didn't have a mac. So those to factors probably contributed greatly to PC development and letting the mac slide.

Also, InDesign Server is only available on the PC, so it can't understand Mac fonts (go figure Adobe) and the user base of Darwin users on a mac is small. compared to PC.

I have been the biggest advocate for Darwin on a Mac, ever since we first got Storefront and iVDP. It is a huge gap in Kodak's offering. Imagine if Prinergy was PC only.

It will get better, Kodak has to get it right, vs right now. Darwin 3 is a critical piece in their Web 2 Print strategy. Just give it time.

I know the site you are referring to, I don't see any problem posting that link, but then again, anyone can find it doing a google search. Some of the info is inaccurate but gives a good idea as to what's coming.

01-05-2009, 02:44 PM
Wow, thanks for the info! Knowing the history of how Darwin was developed, I can see the why preference to Windows has been maintained. Hopefully they'll make the move into more equal Mac support & features soon. I'll keep bugging our support people too, I'd even like to get into a Beta team if they have openings.