View Full Version : Plate stain problem

Jonathan Burnett
03-09-2006, 01:10 AM
My pressmen stopped a job for lunch. When they came back and started up, all of the plates they had on press were sensitized and they claimed they wouldn't clean up. My pressman said this has never happened to him before. The plates have been replaced now, but I'm curious if it could have been fixed.

Seems to me that I remember hearing/reading that he should run with no ink and extra water for a bit then turn the water down to normal and turn on the ink. but I don't recall for sure. I also don't know what he tried before he asked for new plates.

In any case, anyone have any ideas on why this happened and what could be done about it? We're using Kodak Gold plates.

03-14-2008, 08:37 PM
If they left all of the forms on (water form, ink form so on) this can cause them to not clean up after a lunch, anyway thats what happened to me once. When they are shutting down it shouldn't matter too much about running the plates clean with water, but it wouldn't hurt either. The way I like to shut down is; as the press winds down, take off the ink feeds, then take off the ink form let the water form clean up the plate up and then take off the water form.
Did they try using plate saver to clean them up- This is done on a medium walk with the water on, spray the plate saver directly on the plate.