View Full Version : Collate and the Job Manager counter

01-19-2009, 06:25 PM
When printing to our DigimasterEX138 from Smartboard, we need to make sure we check COLLATE in the job ticket, otherwise the Job Manager on the Digi WILL NOT display the count. We can still use the click meter to determine our quantity, but it is not as handy. In testing, the job does complete and the Digi does stop printing when the desired quantity is met, however confusion/human error can occur when the stacker is full and an Operator would need to calculate the quantity output from the click meter - and then resume the print run.

I am looking for the solution to keep the counter functioning even for jobs where collate is not required or is left unchecked. The collate selection in Smartboard should not determine whether the Job Manager counter is running or not.

We are using Smartboard 5.x with Acrobat 7 Pro on a WinXP workstation.