View Full Version : InSite and Proofing Variable Files

01-29-2009, 06:51 PM
Does InSite, utilizing Prinergy workflow, have the capability of on-line proofing? Files would be output on our NexPress 2100. We currently have InSite 4.5.

We have all the pieces, but don't have the workflow in place yet.

Thanks for any help.

Patti Schimpf
Pre-Press/Digital Manager
Dallas, TX

01-29-2009, 07:11 PM
Proofing Variable Files is a tough one.

Depends on what format you use. PDF Variable files (not vdx, vipp, vps, ppml, etc) can be proofed via insite and then printed to a Nexpress.

Some do a subset of the data as a proof set to pdf, and then insite could be used.

The danger of going to pdf from a postscript based VDP workflow like vipp, vps, ppml, etc is that the pdf may reflect unprintable effects, like transparency that the printer may not handle correctly.

PDF-VT is supposed to fix this, but that will be a ways off.

It would be a great feature for Insite to be able to render a VDX file one record at a time in Smart Review, hint, hint...