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05-10-2009, 02:09 PM

I've been working in PREPS for ~7 years now, Presswise prior to that. Preps is used for every job that is printed at my current workplace, totaling thousands of jobs a year. Here's the first part of some of the changes that I would like to see in Future releases of Preps.

1. Thumbnails on page / run list pages / signatures
If Preps where to generate a thumbnail for every page on import, pages could be easily identified for correct order. Late page edits in preps would be much easier. The need to do full previews for the Signature Previews would diminish. PLEASE add thumbnails to Preps. I would expect that this would be something along the lines of a jpeg or low res pdf that job be added to the preps job file or as an auxiliary file in the job folder. See Fig.1

2. Integrate Job Collector / Ability to Job Collect with selectable objects.
Why on earth is the Job Collector a separate application to PREPS? Why not build this functionality directly into Preps, allowing for jobs to be archived from within Preps. See Fig.2A .Most of the time I know where the input source files are, it's the MARKS and TEMPLATES that need to be saved with the job that are buried with the Preps App folder. Although there is the option to collect these marks / templates it's only with all the other job files. Please add the ability to collect ONLY the Preps objects to a separate job folder. See Fig. 2B.

3. Ability to open a job as a template.
This would enable jobs to be easily duplicated without the need to delete files from both File and Run lists. Sometimes I have a series of jobs that have Exactly the same imposition, but Preps requires that I acknowledge every file deleted from the File List that appears also in the run list. This is very tedious, when all I'm looking to do is be left with a Template shell of the job. All that is essentially being retained is the signature selections. (The user would then be responsible for ensuring the correct number of pages is added). See Fig. 3

4. Ability to save more than one window position.
Preps appears to default to 3 horizontal windows (File List / Run List / Signature List). While this works well for an overview of the job, when replacing or adding single pages or files to the File List then Run List my preferred view is 2 column windows. One for the file list / one for the run list. It would be really beneficially to be able to save this window config as a preset. (then revert to the default view when required). See Fig. 4. For user added window configurations.

See Part B -- should be the next post. (Limitation of file attachments).

05-11-2009, 02:55 AM

Some good ideas here.

The thumbnails request is one, but it should definitely be an option in preferences. Job files would get bloated and subject to corruption if those images were stored internally. If stored externally, there would be more pieces of the job that need to be kept together. Not everyone has as much of a need as you to be replacing files or run list pages.

Collecting marks and templates should also be an option. My marks collection has been stable for many years and keeping them in the marks folder is fine for my needs. Templates on the other hand are a different story, but I would add that in addition to being optional, what gets moved to a Template Folder in the job folder should be a version of the template containing only the signatures used in the job*. Then as Preps opens a job it would first look for templates in a Template folder contained in the same folder as the job file, and then in the Templates folder in the designated folder in the preferences. This would accommodate users keeping templates on a server.

*My templates tend to be generic, with a large variety of signatures, only two or three of which are used in a given job.

I think the reason for the confirmation request in your#3 is that one or more of the pages from the file you are trying to delete is "in use" in the run list. This is easily remedied by first deleting ALL from the run list. You can then delete from the file list without the annoying request for confirmation. But you do have to delete the file list files one at a time. However, note that, a job can be saved with only signatures in the sigs. list, which may be the template you are after.

No comment on #4.