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11-14-2009, 02:14 PM
Hi all,

I inadvertently created multiple sections in a job. This wouldn't ordinarily be a big deal, but I'm using special Smartmarks that are targeted at specific page ranges, and with multiple sections, these page ranges occur more than once. This is causing Preps to choke on where the Smarkmarks need to be placed.

I figure trying to get the Smarkmarks to image properly for such an esoteric situation is probably a lot more daunting than simply fixing the job so that it's a single section. Does anyone know how to consolidate sections in Preps 6?



11-16-2009, 05:50 PM
In Preps 5, you have to edit the template file in a text editor. For some unfathomable reason, Preps 5 can only increase the number of sections. I don't know if it's different in Preps 6. I don't remember what you have to change but you might be able to figure it out. Make two identical templates, one with one section and one with two sections. Open them in a text editor and look for the differences.

11-17-2009, 01:42 PM
In Preps 6, if you open the Products tab, there you will see a tree of the Products, Parts and Sections defined in the job. If you drag a section to the Press Runs workspace, position accordingly. Then you can select the same section again, and drag to the workspace. This will give you 2-up of the same section. Repeat as many times as you desire that Section to be "upped".

In Preps 5, since template building is a separate activity, you would define the multiple sectioned template with sections 1 through X.

Option 1... in the Preps job, Signature List/Signature Selection, (don't use <Auto Select>); when you <Add>; Preps will prompt you for the Section number AND first page position. Select the Section number, then populate the 'first page number' of that section; click on the <tab> to enter the value. Do this as many times as you need. You will get a dialog that "Missing or duplicate signatures in signature list. Automatic page numbering should be checked. <OK>" Disregard as that was the intention.

Option 2... use <Auto Select>, exit the Signature Selection window. Now in the Signature List, select the signature; Command(Control) + I. You will now see a Job Signature Information window. Here you can define the "Book Signature" number AND the "First Page" number for that book signature. In each instance, use the <tab> key to enter the value. Return(enter) will exit you from the window.