View Full Version : Templates and Press Plates sizes

04-03-2006, 02:55 PM

I use Preps (5.1.4) with theses steps:
Create a template (i use the paper size) -> Create a job (PDF/PDF type) ->
Print PJTF with a custom print page size of 100x100mm, always small then template size. This method create a PJTF with the template size (my paper) -> Import the PJTF in Prinergy -> And make a final output for a specific press plate (using Center Along Width and Along Hight of XX mm, for each press plate grip).
This method allow me to preserve the paper size in the CIP3 ppf (this is helpful in the press preset) and i can modify the press output without create a new PJTF.

But the Preps 5.2 compare the template size and the print page size, then don't print if Print page size is smaller.

Can i configure the Preps 5.2 to work like 5.1? Some other solution?


04-03-2006, 03:35 PM
You can skip the size check that Preps 5.2 does by changing a line in your profile. Just open up the .cfg file in a text editor and change the line:
-SkipDeviceSizeCheck:NO to -SkipDeviceSizeCheck:YES. This will allow you to print to the smaller plate size.