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04-03-2006, 03:08 PM
I read "Changing the Length of the Horizontal Line on Side Guides [ID: 80481]" on the Creo Knowledgebase. This will change the hortizontal width of the side guides globally for all Preps jobs, but what if I want to retain the default side guide width for all jobs except for the occasional ones where the default side guides get into the print area because our estimator wants the smallest sheet stock possible?

I could make a duplicate of the "Prepc41a.ps", changing the values described in the Article mentioned above to make a smaller width side guide. I would house the 2 files in different folders: "Sideguide_default" and Side guide_halfsized". I would then quit Preps, Drag the default "Prepc41a.ps" into the 1st folder, Drag the "Prepc41a.ps" from the second folder to the preps main folder, then restart Preps.

Note that the "Prepc41a.ps" is named the same, hence the reason the 2 holding folders must be used for swapping the file out.

Our Preps operator is Mac and PC OS challenged. He doesn't handle navigating, changing, moving, or copying files around in the OS. He repeats the same steps we teach him without diverting or exploring new ways of doing things. Sometimes this is a good thing.

I can see problems here in that, when going to a normal side guide job, everything has to be swapped out again and Preps restarted. Moving files around like this can be hazzardous. If another Preps operator doesn't remember to swap out the "Prepc41a.ps" file and reopens the job and remakes a plate, the default side guides would now be on the plate and in the work.

There is really no way to see which side guide is being used, unless you zoom into the preview to check it each time, which we don't do normally. Normally we have enough stock size to use the default side guides.

I wish we could control the size of the side guides from within Preps itself. I was wondering if I could just have him change from our "Rampage" profile to , say one called "Rampage_small side guides" profile where this altered version of the "Prepc41a.ps" is used when ever the profiles are switched?

Set up an action or script?

Before I saw this article, I made some smaller side guides as eps files brought in as smart marks. We could not, however, turn off the default side guides, but could only drop them down to Zero off the edge of the sheet. This is fine for platemaking but will cause the our Spinjet to offset when backing up the proofs since anything outside the sheet edges are included in calculating the final page size going to the proofer.

Thanks for any thoughts (must be really simple to perform)?

04-04-2006, 06:20 AM
Hi Thomas,

That sounds complicated. Why not alter the side guide and keep it that way for all your jobs?

That's what we did. Open the sideguides .lw file in Press Touch and alter it to your liking.