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07-14-2010, 05:13 PM
Good afternoon all,

We are in the process of trying to closely match our customers proofs using ColorFlow. In a nutshell, i have been sending customers the file for our standard 4-up ColorFlow proofing charts, asking them to proof it in there normal proofing state, and send the charts back to us, along with a proof of the IdeaAlliance SWOP Proofing chart. i then create a Color Setup that has the customer proof as the PCO, and our Epson as the SCO, and create a DeviceLink between the two. Now realize that we are NOT using a fully integrated ColorFlow workflow, we are using it as a stand-alone.

My question is what happens when a customer sends me a proof where they have already applied a paper simulation? i am reading charts that have a paper sim on them, while mine does not. I am concerned that the DVL is then going to apply false color values from the customer paper sim to the DVL, putting dots in clear areas where i dont want them.

any thoughts on this, anyone?



07-20-2010, 09:41 PM
Hey Chris,
No need to worry here. The proofs that you have that are rendered with an Abs. Col. RI will have a paper tint for the CMYK 0000 (as you have described). If you don't want to reproduce this on your proofer, you would generate a DVL that renders the source white point of some input value that is not 0000 and maps it to the white point of the destination (your proofer paper). I guess that's a lot of words for just saying "create a Relative DVL and you will be OK" :)


07-26-2010, 01:01 PM

thanks for the reply, that did it. Now, on the other side, say that i have a customer that prints on a certain stock and i want to make paper sim for it. I currently have a SWOP 3 profile being applied to all my proofs that we are happy with. how can i use ColorFlow to simply add the paper sim to my current profile so the customer can get a good representation of what the printed piece will look like?

thanks again,