View Full Version : It's not possible to 'undo' an initial Curve definition?

07-30-2010, 01:46 PM
I'm slowly getting the hang of CF. I started to track, with screen captures and notes, what the "logical" workflow under the hood is. I'm still doing very basic things. I was at the stage of trying to define Curves, by clicking the little orange Curves button. I wanted to select Linear, as that would have brought about the Linear curves dialog. But instead, I was curious to see what "cutback" curves were. Even though, from my old flexo prepress days, I had an idea what cutback meant. So I selected CutBack in the drop-down menu, opposite the Preset button, and was greeted to a "curve" window, that did not have any trace of the idea of a "cutback" origin of some kind (would have like to have some blurb to that effect in the interface...).

Anyhow, I regretted my decision, after some initial twiddling of the controls and wanted to go back to a "virgin" state of the curves section, having the intuition that, somehow, the initial presentation of the curves window would be different under the Linear regime. I started first looking at the color setup viewer window, looking for a "reset" button or option of some kind. But there wasn't any. So I went back into the curves dialog and reasoned that the "Redefine" button might be the way to salvation. And it did bring me back into the "initial" curves dialog. But, I'm still not 100% sure that there couldn't have been a difference if I had selected Linear in the drop-down menu in what I was seeing in the curves dialog window.

So, my question and feature request to the CF development team is, could you throw in a "Curves Reset" option of some kind? To allow us to go back mentally in our Color Setup efforts? Or, at least, give us some Undo functionality.