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08-03-2010, 04:24 PM

Hope the above link works -- worked really hard to try to get it here ;)

Here's the situation.

I have defined about 6 different Color Setups, all based on a common Device, myFavoritePressA, say, for argument sake.

In every instance, I have manually entered curve data, using the Linear curve starting point. Such that, everyone of those Color Setups now have a single, unique device curve associated to it. So far so good.

But, this morning, wanting to compare old Harmony curves I was using for this device to new curves I created last week, as a consequence of doing new, fresh, press calibration, I did the following, which led to the baffling error message I enclose above:

First, I dragged the icon of myFavoritePressA into a new, empty Color Setup area. So I got a new (I don't know what to call this?) Device "icon". Then, I clicked the friendly orange "i" button, to select my device conditions (LPI + substrate), then I accessed the ('S" shape) Curve icon to get to the Import Harmony curve button. Which I did. I selected my old, legacy Harmony curve, the one that I was using to make plates on that press *before* I made that new, fresh calibration press run.

That part did work OK. Then, a dialog followed which displayed the embedded Harmony curve name. Which I selected with the mouse, I think, and pressed OK.

But, ColorFlow slapped me in the face with the above "if you continue, the measurement that you have activated for "myFavoritePressA" will be deactivated and you will have to re-characterize "myFavoritePressA" with your newly selected Curve Origin. The Promoted device will also be demoted. the color response of the Device Condition will remain intact, however. Would you like to proceed?".

Wow -- I had no idea I was going to unleash all hell loose!

So, I clicked "No" -- of course. And instead created a new device named "myFavoritePressB", to import the legacy Harmony curve, not having the foggiest idea what the consequence proceeding would entail.

I realize I have far from grasp all of ColorFlow's logic. Please excuse my humble ignorance...

Best / Roger

08-03-2010, 06:24 PM
Hi Roger,
The scenario that you describe is one of migration of old Harmony data into ColorFlow for the purpose of printing exactly as you did before with Harmony, with a twist of course. You want to compare the calibration curves generated by ColorFlow against the calibration curves generated by Harmony.

To do this, it might be best to view the calibration curves generated by Harmony in the Harmony application rather than importing them as a data source to ColorFlow. Now, that is not to say that you cannot view these curves in ColorFlow... you can (as you have noted already... just create another "test" device).

There is substantial logic in place that is associated with the Device Curve. It is the curve that is used when you characterize your press condition. If you re-define it, essentially you are saying that your characterization for that condition has changed. Thus, we enforce a logic that if you change the device curve, the old active measurement data is de-activated. It is not lost, it is simply deactivated. If you did select yes, in that warning dialog, your old measurement data would move to the "inactive" section of measurements. To recover it, simply click "Activate", and you are back in business (minus any edits made to the related devices).

So, the action of re-defining your device curve definitely has some impact. Although, the major use case here is that you want to re-characterize your press condition with a new Device Curve. In this scenario, it makes sense that your measurement data would be void, as you are starting from scratch with new plates for characterization.