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08-06-2010, 05:39 PM
We are trying to implement colorflow with very mixed results. The person who came to install it was unsuccessful in making any profiles that matched our equipment. Currently we are negotiating with our salesperson to try to get more technical help for that.

In the meantime, I am uncertain how to "grow" into using colorflow. We have a curve calibrated Kodak approval set up as a reference (what you call a PCO) simulating nothing.

We want to use colorflow for everything so that the operators don't have to do different things depending on function. This is no problem with color proofers which can be controlled with a profile. This is straightforward using colorflow.

However, we have press/paper setups with set harmony curves that we want to continue to use. Is this possible with colorflow? All of the examples that I see for continuing to use curves have the press as the pco.

Am I missing something?

Robb Lutton
Stephenson Printing

08-06-2010, 07:24 PM
Hi Robb,
Using your existing Harmony calibration curves is indeed possible with ColorFlow.

Your configuration would look like this:

In this case, you have added an Approval as your PCO and have imported a Harmony Transfer Curve as your Device Curve and set the simulation in the PCO (target) to equal "None". Therefore, your calibration curve used on output to the Approval will equal your device curve. Remember, Device Curve+Simulation or Conversion Curve = Print Calibration Curve.

I am assuming that you have already profiled your Approval with the imported curves. You can import this profile as both the PCO profile and the Device Condition profile. Since there is no simulation curve in place, both of these profiles will be equal. If you would like ColorFlow to generate these profiles rather than import them, you need to measure a Color Characterization chart.

The next step is to add your SCO conditions (the conditions you would like aligned to your Approval). This, as you have stated, is fairly straightforward.

Hope this helps you out.