View Full Version : Can ColorFlow be disabled on Refine?

11-02-2010, 04:30 PM
After numerous unsuccessful attempts, I turn to this forum for help. My goal is simple, bring in files with no color management applied by ColorFlow.

I thought this would be simple but it does not look that way.

I created a ColorSetup that only uses a CMYK Reference as a PCO. I gave it a name and selected an existing ICC profile for. We'll call this ColorSetup
"175lpi C3".

In Prinergy, under Job Attributes, I enabled ColorFlow and selected 175lpi C3.

Now, in Refine, in the ColorConvert tab, I enabled ColorFlow and selected the same 175lpi C3.

So far so good.

The problem I'm running into occurs when I refine a PDF 1.3 through this process template. I'm probably something very wrong here, out of ignorance, but there is a 4D CMYK to CMYK conversion taking place in this setup.

My question is why or how? Since I have not defined a Secondary Color Output or Color Input of any kind in this ColorSetup: where is ColorFlow taking its input from as a Source?

I carefully reviewed my test file, which is a PDF exported from InDesign without color conversion or profile tagging -- a plain vanilla Device CMYK document.

I'm stumped.