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01-03-2011, 10:55 PM
Ok, doing first bound book since using Preps 6, didn't see this one coming, it says come & go requires using a fold pattern, trouble is, I can't find the right one for our use. We print double parallel, print head to head, come & go, with 32, 24 or 16 page sigs and also use 32, 24 or 16 page common sigs as needed, can anyone point me to the right fold pattern that will work for us and if not does that mean we can't use Preps 6 for come & go?


01-04-2011, 02:41 PM

Yes, since the Preps 6 library is based on the JDF Fold pattern specification. It is limited to single section, single sheet forms. This limitation is further hindered by Preps 6's requirement to use a fold pattern with an Assembly based Come and Go (CnG).

However, any CnG Preps template built in Preps 5 or earlier will work in Preps 6. Simply do not use the Assembly to build it. Add the pages to your Pages List, then find the Preps 5 based template in the Resources\Layouts, right click Auto Select. Preps 6 will change to the binding style defined in the template and allow the use of the CnG work style.

Now moving forward.

We are working hard on Preps 6.1.1. It will have several CnG enhancements. For one, today's Preps 6 and 5, when there is an EVEN number of sections in the CnG book, Preps will number the sections correctly. Preps 6.1.1 will now take into account ODD numbered sections AND a section that might result in a 'turnaround' where the CnG contains one and a half of the section count.

We will also have collation mark capability for CnG!

With all of this, unless a fold pattern exists, you may have to build the imposition in Preps 5 until we can get custom Fold Patterns into Preps 6.


01-19-2011, 08:48 AM
We also have problems with preps6 and fold patterns. We have two Uniset presses that folds 64 pages size A4. Theres no way for us to create a custom pattern that works for those presses. What i would like to see in future preps is a way to tell preps how my presses work. For example. The uniset press has two web lanes that first fold and then they go through a cut off and the bottom sheet goes above the upper sheet and then it folds two times more. I've tried alot of different things in preps 6 to get it to work, but i always ends up paginating the pages manually.


02-24-2012, 07:29 PM
We also have some complex/alternate impositions to print, come and go head-to-head and foot-to-foot, 2up impositions, ...
Unfortunately we now renumber after creating the imposition for every job. Almost every job is different in sheet size and page size, so we do not feel much for saving them all as a template. Am I correct that one can not adjust sheet size and/or page size in a template?

Now with the custom fold patterns I thought we could be able to make the come and go jobs with a custom fold pattern, but in a come and go layout I was not able to change the page direction. There are some jobs we can make in come and go using our fold patterns, but since we have jobs both in foot-to-foot and head-to-head, we can not use the custom fold patterns for all these jobs. Am I correct that the page direction is fixed in come and go?

02-26-2012, 07:41 PM
Am I correct that one can not adjust sheet size and/or page size in a template?

In a template, yes that is absolutely correct, to some degree. First, historically a Preps template has always been about capturing the fixed properties of a solution, be it the binding style, sheet workstyle, page width/height.

But now if you consider that the Preps job contains the Preps template as it relates to the Preps job, then we have some flexibility!! So instead of considering the capture of a Preps template, why not save as a Preps job? Then you can take advantage of such property types as page width/height, sheet size, etc as it relates to the specific job requirements.

My thinking is you save 'scenarios' say 2-up covers, etc.

Now, moving further down the road, in Preps 6.1.1 we introduced a new Preps Preferences/Stock. Here if you work with a Fold Pattern you can do several things.

One, control the position of the Fold Pattern placement on the Stock (Sheet). Two, Auto Divide Stock as Fold Patterns are added; as I mentioned with respect to the 2-up covers, I could drag a JDF F4-2 unto my stock, and Preps would auto position the Stock based on the Preference setting. When I drag a second (or the same) fold pattern, Preps will divide the sheet in half depending on where I decide to "drop" the fold pattern. By dividing the sheet into halves, fourths, etc. Preps is allowing you to pre-define a fold pattern to sheet relationship.
Three, Auto Apply PDF TrimSize, enabling this allows you to take the next logical, by taking the results of your 'scenario' and applying a PDF file. Preps will read the PDF Trim Size and 'apply' that to a Fold Pattern automatically.

Initially, with Preps 6.1.1, the use of all the above require the use of the Variable Sheet Size. However, with Preps 6.2, now the user can define the desired Stock size, and save as a Preps template!!! This then affords the user to create an RBA based on the scenario, in which as Prinergy presents a PDF file to the "Create Imposition" RBA, the size would then be applied to the resulting imposition generation!

Custom Fold Patterns - whenever you define a Custom Fold Pattern(CFP), the entire fold pattern must already be in the correct page orientation. So for example with Come and Go, you may want to consider that the CFP could be Foot to Foot, knowing that when the actual Generate Press Runs is used the Come and Go result will offer you a Head to Head solution! See screen grabs.

01_CnG_CFP shows two very similar Come and Go CFP's but each will OFFER a different result.
02_sec2_in shows by using the CFP I labeled as WRONG, the Section 2's position is to the inside. NOTE: the page orientation!!
03_sec2_out shows by using the CFP I labeled as RIGHT, the Section 2's position is to the outside. Again, NOTE: the page orientation!!

I hope that helps!