View Full Version : Idea for tagging snapshots for testing

01-19-2011, 07:49 PM
I have an idea for an enhancement to the snapshot function that would make testing easier. I think this could be implemented without undermining the original logic behind the snapshots.

Right now, there is an "Approved" tag that you can add to one snapshot. This tag can be used in process plans or job attributes to automatically chose whichever snapshot has the approved tag without needing to know the snapshot number. The intent is that production jobs and process plans will be set to this "Approved" tag so they don't have to be changed every time a new snapshot is created. Testing snapshots can be created after the "Approved" snapshot and tested while keeping the "Approved" snapshot as a known state. Once the test have been deemed ok for production use, the "Approved" tag is moved to the newest snapshot and it becomes the "Approved" one.

I propose a second "Testing" tag that could be applied to a snapshot. The default behavior would be for this tag to automatically be applied/moved to the most recent snapshot whenever a new shapshot was made. This behavior could be changed to make the tag stay in its current position, but be able to be moved manually to any existing snapshot. Moving the "Testing" tag would not erase any snapshots.

In job attributes and process plans, The "Testing" tag would show up in the list of snapshot numbers along with the "Approved" tag and could be applied the same way. This would allow us to set up testing jobs or testing process plans that would automatically use the "Testing" snapshot instead of requiring us to keep choosing a new snapshot number every time we made a new testing snapshot.

By allowing us to move the "Testing" tag up and down in the list of post-approval snapshots, we could try different snapshots by moving the tag in the snapshot window where we are able to see the comments for each snapshot. We could move the tag and then refine or output without having to edit the job or process plan.