View Full Version : Free Webinar! Boosting Campaign Performance with Predictive Analytics-April 20, 2011

04-06-2011, 10:11 PM
Hello fellow GUA Members!

Join us for the final free Kodak MarketMover Solutions webinar of series 2.

It is not unusual to see success decline over the lifespan of a marketing campaign. To overcome this, you need to employ flexible marketing science techniques that can breathe new life into a tired campaign.
Kodak's Boosting Campaign Performance with Predictive Analytics webinar will take place on Wednesday, April 20 at 1:00 pm EST. Kodak's Serge Grichmanoff, Marketing Sciences Center of Excellence for MarketMover Solutions and Dave Fenske, Owner of the Fenske Media Corporation will describe how they were able to take a poorly performing campaign and retool the approach to create a winning proposition. They will discuss:

Changing the campaign to generate better response using available data.
Creating a better understanding of customer decision making to build out marketing segments.
Predicting which segments show potential for increase in response and by how much.

You can register for this webinar and view existing MarketMover webinar's here (http://www.graphics.kodak.com/go/msp).

(https://host56.agsdc.net/aprimo/etrack.aspx?DSN=b9ca57b2fbe8cb42458807853387983f6a 0f6be5ccdab113&FORMID=186d65f75185ba2b71d7aa332199b3a4&INTID=33e668e3376f311cd464c3c1d84e38ee&AUDID=39c0415fc0553b3d1d4045a1b0db4694&DECODE=1&URL=http://graphics.kodak.com/go/msp)