View Full Version : Image issues when exporting to Storefront

06-22-2011, 10:52 PM
OK, so I have a package that I have working in InDesign and Darwin 3.0 with no problems. I can have it create a production run and drop it into Prinergy and drop it on the press and it works great.

However, when I package it up and move it to storefront all of the images that are in the resource folder are all too big. I have to go and manually re-size the images to get them to work right in storefront.

I figure that I am just doing something wrong as most of what I have learned about Darwin is from going through the Tutorials. Most of the tutorials that go to storefront do not have the image changed and just change the text. (Now, I wonder why that is....:rolleyes: )

Anyone know how to make this easier?


06-23-2011, 10:11 AM
Storefront works best when you create a specific png of the product and attach it. If you don't it will use the original file size. I guess this is what is happening.
Generally I go no higher that 200px wide when creating the png. It just depends on the look and feel of the site you are trying to create.

06-23-2011, 02:08 PM
Well, I don't think it's really using the original file size correctly then. For instance, when I ran through the Jewelry demo in the "Darwin VDP Software" tutorial it has everything you need for a 5.5" wide X 8" flyer. The image I am swapping is 5.3" by 7.3" and it works great in Darwin and InDesign.

However, when I export the package and put it on Storefront I end up only seeing about 25% of the image in the window. I had to resize the image down to 2.4" (or so) before it actually fit in the flyer in the page flipper.

Maybe when store front is resizing the InDesign document to fit into the page flipper it's not resizing the resource images as well. When you add the file to your shopping cart it's created with the incorrect layout and that is what gets sent to the job in Prinergy.

If I have to create a new image to just fit into the spot for storefront I worry that it's going to affect the final print quality.