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02-15-2012, 06:38 PM
We have had ColorFlow since it first was introduced at version 1.0, It is now at 1.2 Beta or "Pre-Production" as they call it. We are running Windows 2003 Server and ColorFlow 1.1 and it does not still tag RGB images which is required for it to work! Their workaround is to use Enfocus Pitstop to tag all RGB with ICC prior to ripping in Prinergy or it will error and not tag anything resulting in unusable files. I call them again to find out what the problem is or if there is an update yet, by the way was supposed to be available in January, and they call me back an hour later to tell me that we now need to upgrade our server to Windows 2008 server, update to Prinergy 5.2 and update to 1.2 ColorFlow. The problem is that you have to get on a special list to be approved to download Prinergy 5.2, basically a beta program!
I feel that we are getting the runaround and this was never ready for the market, it was rushed to beat out Oris and GMB's products which was 2nd and 3rd place in the shootout losing to Kodak ColorFlow. We bought this because it was supposed to keep everything integrated, where Oris used an external server to run through and tag and profile. We would have been a lot better off purchasing ORIS instead of Kodak ColorFlow!
If anyone is considering purchasing ColorFlow you are for warned!!
With the bankruptcy lets see if the ColorFlow is ever finished and ready to use as they sold it to be.
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Ed Hughes
02-16-2012, 05:20 PM
If I couldn't control the makeup of my input PDF, think I would try a workflow that does a first refine to convert RGB to my ColorFlow input CMYK, then feeds the page to a second refine that uses my ColorFlow.

If I could control the makeup of my input PDF, I would have InDesign output PDFs as CMYK, tagged with my ColorFlow input profile.

02-16-2012, 06:05 PM
Sounds like you maybe not experienced in the way ColorFlow works, the product requires, and sold to tag the files in the first refine or second, job has to be ColorFlow enabled prior to input of files and locks you into this worflow, unless the files are tagged with an external software such as Pitstop to tag them or Advanced Preflight which Kodak wants to sell you until they rectify their problem of it working the proper way. If they had it working this wouldn't be necessary. This is not acceptable when you have paid for this integrated workflow. I know how to tag my files but this was the whole point of purchasing Kodak's ColorFlow to keep it integrated. We rip thousands of files and will not accept this since we already paid for a working product as sold! They have sent out these workarounds and it is because of a un-finished product and they know it and anyone using it knows it. This is why you have to sign up for beta testing. We could have purchased a competitors product and achieved better and more control but chose Kodak because they ARE SUPPOSED TO BE INTEGRATED! Thus the whole problem.
This is not a issue of not knowing how to tag files.