View Full Version : RGB to CMYK conversion method

04-15-2013, 05:01 PM
My understanding is that when you add a color input to a color setup, you are choosing one color space from which conversion to CMYK can be done with a devicelink profile and all other colorspace conversions will be done with the profile pair method.

If the benefit of devicelink conversion is so great, why shouldn't I be allowed to do all the conversions with devicelink profiles? How do I chose which one should benefit from this? Is devicelink conversion more of a benefit in CMYK to CMYK than in RGB to CMYK?

11-30-2013, 06:46 PM
Hi Jamie,

in CMYK to CMYK conversion you avoid the conversion to PCS (profile connection space), that is a conversion to LAB.
A devicelink works like that: CMYK -> CMYK

An ordinary icc conversion works like that: CMYK -> LAB -> CMYK

So, with less maths you achieve more accuracy, but devicelink profiles have a disadvantage such as both of cmyk profiles are welded into one file (keep in mind rendering intent too). If you would need to use other cmyk profile, you need regenerate the devicelink profile from scratch. In the classical icc profile conversion you don't need regenerate nothing.

Speaking freely, if we would assume that LAB system is a condom and CMYK_1 and CMYK_2 are sex partners. So in which case is higher sensuality, with condom or not ? ;)