View Full Version : Magnus 400 - reset dides from reg

06-12-2013, 11:05 AM
Magnus 400 error. Laser working with reduced performance due to non-working diodes.

We had this error some months ago and the tech from kodak solved it with "resetting diodes from reg(istry)".

Now the problem reappeared but i've forgotten how he reset the diodes from the registry. Resetting from the User-Interface does not really work. The diodes are not really defective because sometimes they work and sometimes not and there are many different defective diodes named in "Laser Group Calibration".

If anybody knows how to reset the diodes from the registry i would be very thankful for an answer. :-)

Otherways i'll have to open a call at Kodak eCentral and pay for this info :-(

Thanks in advance