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06-12-2006, 08:19 PM
Hello everyone out in GUA land...

I need some help on a followup issue I have taken to heart...eCentral. I want to continue a discussion that was kicked off at the Executive Bullpen at the GUA about your feelings on eCentral.

Do you feel that development has stalled on eCentral?
If we (as in the GUA) can convince Kodak to invest in improvements where would like to see the improvements made?

If we were unsuccessful at convincing them of the need, and eCentral disappeared, would this impact you? If so in what way? What features do you use the most?Please take come time to think about this and respond. I know the right Kodak folks are lurking in the shadows and want to hear your feeligns on this. I once felt eCentral was the shining star of Creo...that shine has since faded.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

Gerry Moloney
06-19-2006, 06:36 AM

I have mixed thoughts on this topic, mainly because I have been asking for some enhancements to eCentral for some years (~4), but to no avail so far.

I'll answer your first question with another one......Do I think development has stalled?.......Well, has it ever progressed from the initial deployment model?.......

From my perspective, further development of eCentral would be very beneficial, and a great tool for customers to use if a few (some minor) things were addressed.....

The speed of the server it publishes from
The accuracy of the software/hardware records
It's integration with other business systems (purchases, records, licenses etc)
The ability to output an "All Sites" report for multi-site customers (from the reports tab)
The Recording of the name of the person who logged the call
The Recording of the name of the person who agreed the call was resolved and could be closed
Standardising the manner in which the problems are described in the problem/description fields
From a reporting aspect, the ability to run a report on KPI's like these ones
calls by operator
number of software v's hardware issues
remote fixes v's on-site attendance
resolved v's open calls
etc etc (Just basic service orientated KPI's)
All the above by the current metrics that are available
And finally, the actual data would be useful to get in an Excel friendly format, instead of just a pretty pie chart.

I use eCentral to keep an eye on call progress for the sites, particularly where items don't seem to be getting resolved. Also for data (ammunition) in review sessions with the service managers, even though the data is hard to transform into anything resembling a KPI report.

Resolving issues such as the ones menioned above would entice customers like me to use the system as the first port of call, and subsequently free up the resources in the care centres to focus on their core tasks.....

There are process issues also which should not be forgotton, such as the technicians gaining agreement that something has been resolved, then logging on and closing the call on the system, or giving status updates on unresolved calls, etc etc.

What's that old saying.........an information system is only as good as the data you put into it........

Look forward to seeing some other views on it too.......

And of course I am happy to discuss further if Kodak are interested.

P.S. Congrats on your appointment as GUA president.