View Full Version : Preps doc can't find files

07-11-2006, 03:01 PM
We organize our jobs by putting them in a monthly folder on our server. Periodically, we will have to reprint an old job. If we move the old job to othe current months folder, Preps seems to have a problem with the files it used in the first place. Preps doesn't ask for where the file is so you could just relink, it gives us an error message like "file contains an illegal character" or "bad filename". Even though it should be using the same files it used before. We can copy the job to a local hard drive and open the Preps document but when we put it back on the Prinergy server, we have filename issues again.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Have you found a solution or a work around? In the past, I was able to copy the old job to a local drive, open the Preps document , save it, then put the job into the current months folder on the Prinergy server and everything would work fine. Not today. Any suggestions? Thanks.