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07-17-2006, 04:54 PM
Whenever possible I create master templates (Preps Pro 5.1.4) for our Prinergy System. After approximately 3 months = or - marks (crop marks, flat identifier, etc) that are on the template do not show up on the plate. This may also involve jobs that shingle. The way I solve the problem is to delete the template and create a new one. Any ideas?
Garrett Needham

07-18-2006, 03:03 AM
First off, are you really recreating the template? Try saving a back up copy in another location, or make an archive of the template while it still works.

Now then, are you saying that when they start failing, they still look OK in the template editor? Templates are just text files. It may be instructive to open a fresh template in BBEdit and then print it to a .ps file. Then do the same with a failing copy of same. Now open these two .ps files in Illustrator. In one of them select all, and copy. Switch to the other, create a new layer and paste on that layer. Then move the contents of the upper layer to coincide with the lower one, and look for a mismatch in the text code of these layers. This is like printing them out on a laser printer and superimposing them on the light table, but without the interference of the paper.

Now even if you know nothing about the Preps Template Specification and can't make anything of it, if you cannot spot any differences in the text on the two layers, this means that the templates are indeed the same and your problem is in your Prinergy System, and not in the template.

Beyond that, I say call Prinergy for help. But if the two layers do not match, then somehow the template is getting altered with use.

Al Ferrari