View Full Version : PSM 7.1 in Classic?

08-21-2006, 05:42 PM
Recently we upgraded a couple of our machines and our network switch to Gigabit Ethernet. This included the B&W G3 that runs PSM 7.1 on OS9. However the card does not have OS9 drivers, so we're not gaining any speed advantage.
What I'm wondering is, will PS/M 7.1 run under OSX 10.3 in Classic? The card works fine (and FAST) in OSX. Or do I need to shuffle around our Macs in order to use a G4 with native Gigabit Ethernet with the PS/M?
Alternatively, can I run PS/M 7.1 on the G4 *AND* the G3 concurrently (the G4 to rip the files, the G3 to output to the Dolev) or do I need a dongle on BOTH machines?
I have a real NEED FOR SPEED! Any help/suggestions are appreciated.

08-21-2006, 06:08 PM
Option 1: Upgrade to PS/M 8.1 for $650.00, run it on a G5 and you will have great speed.
Option 2: Split up RIP and output on two Macs. You should only need the dongle for the Mac that has the RIP. You do not need a dongle to plot.


08-21-2006, 06:33 PM
Thanks Sejer.
Option 1 doesn't make too much sense for us since we will be switching from PS/M to Prinergy when we convert over to CTP in the next few months.
However, Option 2 has its appeal. I will be upgrading one of the Macs here next week, and will have a "spare" that I was just going to configure as an extra workstation (but will likely rarely use as such). Now I see that there's a better use for it, since the PS/M G3 has been a major bottleneck... I wish it would RIP and output simultaneously ;) Now it'll be: RIP on the G4/800 and output on the G3 ...and maybe up it to OSX and PS/M 8 without a dongle... then Gigabit will work!