View Full Version : Vanishing marks

08-30-2006, 02:43 PM
Here's one for Preps 5.x - Windows users... Create a new sheetwise template with 2 or more webs. Add an imposition, number the pages, add a bunch of marks to both webs (eps marks, text labels, collation marks, etc.)... Now, select all of the pages on the first web and go to "Template" - "Modify Template Page" - "Add Crop Marks". Use the default values or enter your own. Once you click OK, the crop marks show up fine, but look at web #2. ALL of the marks on that web (and any subsequent webs) have vanished.
I've been playing with this and have found it happens on versions 5.15 thru 5.21. (I haven't tried earlier versions, because 5.15 is the earliest version that I have that supports floating licenses.) This doesn't seem to happen on the Mac version. It's no big deal to add them again, unless you're dealing with a 20+ form template from UpFront.