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09-12-2006, 12:10 AM
in v5.2 if you clicked on a signature and did a copy/paste to get a ne signature to work on, when you clicked on the icon to zoom to the current sig it would centre on the newly created one. Now in 5.2.1 it zooms to the previous sig that was copy/pasted from. I was just wondering if a) anyone else finds this change of behaviour annoying, b) wif there was a good reason that this was changed and c) if there is no good reason can it please be changed back to the way it was?

Toolbox Imaging Limited
New Zealand

09-13-2006, 09:45 PM
That's the least of my worries.

In terms of zooming, I'm still dealing with how slow the double click speed is.
Preps completely ignores your system setting for souble click speed. Not that
it would help.

?When you are holding option key or command key or both, the double-click
to get-info should be disabled- the end.

I end up doing the "get info" command all the time while just trying to
zoom in/out quickly. This slows down my work speed by seconds-
which really adds up and annoys me to no end. I actually have to
slow down MY pace because preps thinks i'm trying to get info

?Also, I don't understand why colorbars still disappear when zoom level
approches actual size. We have had this problem since version 3.7 when I
started working at this company. I have no doubt it has been around longer
than that easy.

Is there somekind of threshhold one can adjust in the prefs file? If so, this
should be completely taken out of the program. Why would a person in their
right mind WANT objects to disappear when you go to look at them?

Again I implore you, do you need me on your testing staff?
Again, thats assuming you have one.
If you don't, would you like me to be it? I work cheap. ;)
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