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Old 05-15-2013, 05:37 PM
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Default Can Prinergy send finishing info to NexPress

If we have a PDF, created using "Extreme", that has finishing characteristics embedded into it, can Prinergy send this PDF to the NexPress and will the NexPress be able to determine that different pages need to print on different paper sizes or different paper colors or etc.???

For example if you have a 4 page document,
page 1 needs to print on 80# Cover stock 8.5 x 11
page 2 needs to print on 50# Text weight stock 8.5 x 11
page 3 needs to print on a Diecut tab which is 9 x 11
page 4 needs to print on 80# Cover stock 8.5 x 11

Is there a way Prinergy can relay this information to the NexPress???
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