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Old 11-30-2016, 10:51 PM
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Default RBA - Archive jobs from excel list

I had to move a long list of jobs into an archive queue today and cooked this up, could be useful.
Select all the jobs in the OSX finder
Copy and paste into excel
Run this apple script [set cell range]
set dest_folder to (choose folder) as text

tell application "Microsoft Excel"

set myRange to range "$A$1:$A$350" of active sheet

set filenames to value of cells of column 1 of myRange

set file_content to value of cells of column 1 of myRange

repeat with id from 1 to (count filenames)

set this_file to open for access (file (dest_folder & item id of filenames)) with write permission

set eof this_file to 0

write item id of file_content to this_file

close access this_file

end repeat

end tell

Create a rule in RBA that reads the file name when you drop into a Hot-folder [add input only]
Use the filename to trigger an RBA Archive action
Drag and drop all the text files onto the Hot-folder and Voilą, you just archived all your jobs.

Happy Holidays!
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