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Old 05-17-2017, 12:52 PM
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Default Preps 5.3 Centering question

I was asked to create a a reusable master template for a small press that would allow any smaller size pdf page to be used on a template/.job that would be made to the maximum sheet size for that press. It needs to auto center side to side but be positioned down towards the gripper to a standard 1st trim. The trim marks would come from the pdf being used so the actual template would not need marks other than side guide and center marks, etc. This is something that I'm told can be done on Heidleburg Prinect but I'm not sure how to force various size pages down without putting in a custom offset in the signature details.

We have Preps 5.33 and Evo 5.1.69 so it could use an automated Evo workflow if I can get auto center to work with the standard gripper margin. We also have Preps 6.1 available but it has not been implemented yet.

Is this something that can be done with what we have? An example would be to drop a no 10 Envelope pdf into a master .job with a 12x18 page size template.


Prinergy Evo; Preps 5.3.2; OSX 10.5.8
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